Questions and Answers FAQ

  1. To whom is the conference addressed?

    The conference is addressed to those involved in the broad field of quality assurance in software development. We address topics that will be of interest to both management and strictly technical people. We guarantee both a lot of practice and also the theory on which these practices are built.

  2. Can beginners in the industry attend the conference?

    The topics covered at the TestWarez conference are not addressed strictly to beginners. It is usually an elaboration of the issues that testers face on a daily basis and an attempt to explore them in more depth. The value for beginners at TW can be networking and the opportunity to meet experienced testers who are willing to share their knowledge.

  3. How to register for the conference?

    To attend the event you need to:

    – Visit the conference website and go to the “Buy a ticket” section.
    – Then complete the registration form.

  4. Why participate in the event? 

    By attending the event:

    – You will expand your network of contacts
    – Meet experienced speakers and experts
    – Increase your knowledge in the field of testing
    – Meet the organisers of the #TestWarez2024 conference
    – Have a great time – the TestWarez conference is not only about workshops and lectures, see how it was at the 17th edition!

  5. Where can I find information on ticket availability?

    The number of tickets is continuously monitored by the Organisers. Information on ticket availability is published on social media. The Agenda of the event indicates sold-out tickets.

  6. In which language are the workshops and lectures conducted?

    Depending on the speaker, the presenter: lectures are held in Polish or in English. There is a flag next to each lecture and workshop on the Agenda. This is an indication of the language version for a particular workshop or lecture.

  7. Who is the conference organiser?

    TestWarez conference organized by The Association for the Quality of Information Systems (Polish Testing Board).
    Polish Testing Board has been promoting and supporting knowledge exchange among quality assurance partitioners for 20 years. The #TestWarez2024 is the 18th edition of the largest and oldest Polish conference focused on the area of software quality. 

  8. How long is the conference? Do I have to attend all the lectures?

    The conference lasts for 3 days. It starts on 6 November and runs until 8 November. There are workshops on the first day and lectures on the following two days. Attendance at all lectures is not obligatory.

  9. Where is the conference taking place?

    This year’s TestWarez conference takes place in Sopot: Sheraton Sopot Hotel, Powstańców Warszawy 10, Sopot 81-718

  10. Do conference tickets include accommodation?

    No, tickets for this year’s edition of TestWarez do not include accommodation.